7 Surprising Emotional Benefits of Abstinence

Abstinence is a personal choice, just as having a sexually active life. Research has shown that people who choose to abstain from sex have greatly improved mental health, and have been reported to have better concentration, are happier, and are more mindful. Also, the fear of pregnancy (for young ladies) and STIs are not there, making them relaxed.

Below are the five emotional benefits of abstinence. But before that, let’s see what abstinence truly entails.

What Is Abstinence?

Abstinence is the practice of staying away from sex. However, the word abstinence means different things to different people. To some, abstinence avoids all forms of sexual contact, such as kissing, intense cuddling, foul play, or masturbation.

While to others, abstinence is simply staying away from sexual intercourse, but they still engage in other forms of sexual acts like masturbation.  

One of the most common reasons for Abstinence is religion. Some religion preaches and forbids sex before marriage. However, faith is not always the reason for abstinence. Below are some other factors where people practice abstinence.

  • Preventing STIs
  • Preventing pregnancy
  • Physical health challenges
  • Mental health issues
  • Deciding to focus on school and/or career.

7 Emotional Benefits of Abstinence

Abstinence is one of the most effective ways to avoid the risks that come with sex, such as pregnancy and STDs, until you’re ready to prevent and/or handle them. However, there are also a number of mental and emotional benefits that come with abstinence

1. Lowers stress and worries

People with active sex life have to be cautious about pregnancy and/or STIs, which can be stressful. One of the best ways to avoid such emotional stress and worry is by abstaining from sex.

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So young ladies who practice abstinence don’t have to worry about pregnancy at the slightest menstrual period delay.

2. Increased focus and concentration

Abstaining from sex does not automatically clear your mind, but studies have shown that people who decide to abstain from sex in school have better focus and concentration.

Sex is one of the leading factors of distraction among teens. Also, a study has proved that teen girls who delay sexual gratification are more likely to complete high school.

3. Healing from traumatic experiences

People who experience grief or traumatic experiences tend to heal faster when they pull out all their energy on healing. Abstinence helps them focus more on their emotional needs to recover faster. Sex may sometimes attract unplanned responsibility, which might cause extra emotional complications and worsen the issue or slow down the healing process.

4. Promotes religious satisfaction

For people whose religion forbids sex before marriage, practicing abstinence helps them to be better satisfied religiously, knowing that they aren’t breaking their purity principles. Also, it gets them closer and more intimate with their faith.

5. Less likely to develop mental health issues

Statistics have proved that teens who abstain from sex are less likely to suffer from depression, less likely to be suicidal, and less likely to be poor adults. Teens who abstain from sex tend to do better in school and later in their careers.

6. Strengthens relationships and bonds

There are other more profound forms of intimacy that don’t involve having sex, and abstinence can be an excellent way to achieve the different levels of intimacy.

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Abstinence can help you deepen your relationship with your partner. Having sex is not the only way to show your love and affection.

You and your partner can become close and build trust by talking and listening, sharing experiences, being honest, respecting each other’s thoughts and feelings, and hanging out together.

7. Builds your discipline

Discipline plays a vital role in maintaining good emotional health and overall wellbeing.

Abstaining from sexual relations can help build your discipline because it requires self-control and willpower. Acquiring these qualities will improve the quality of your life.

Are there drawbacks to abstinence?  

Abstinence doesn’t really have serious drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is that you can deprive your cardiovascular health of the benefits it can derive from sex. However, this can be substituted by other healthy lifestyles such as regular exercise, eating healthy, and practicing deep meditation.

Another issue may be finding a partner who understands your principle and is ready to stick to it. However, the nice thing is that when you find one, the principle of abstinence can help you guys have better trust and connection.


Sexual choices are personal. You should never be forced or force anyone into adopting a sexual life pattern. However, abstinence has proven to be far more rewarding than its drawbacks. The emotional benefits of abstinence prove that it can be rewarding mentally.