5 ways an Alexa equipped smart watch can make your life easier

Colorfit Alpha

With voice commands in smart watches getting more efficient and responsive, owning a smart watch with a built-in Alexa is the new way to get things done. The seamless nature of voice controlled operations has made them a popular choice among youngsters and older folk alike. If you are considering getting yourself a smart watch with a built-in Alexa, you are in the right place. Read on to know how a voice operated smart watch can make your life easier.

Remote music


Not just music on shuffle, you can ask your Alexa smart watch to play the precise song you want to. If you aren’t sure what to play, just ask Alexa to play something as per your mood. Say, ‘Alexa, play some groovy music’ or ‘Alexa, play some sombre music’. You can even ask Alexa to play music to suit the time of day. Whether it is some relaxing morning music to start your day off or some pulsating night time tunes to unwind to, experience music with your voice.

Stay organised

stay organised

Have something important that you need to set a reminder for? Alexa has you covered. From an important meeting to managing commitments at home, keep a tab on all your reservations by speaking to your Alexa smart watch. Stay on top of things and never miss any important appointments.

Efficient tracking


Whenever you want to get in some exercise, just ask Alexa to start activity tracking on your smart watch. No matter the time of day or the choice of your workout, monitor your session by using your voice. You can even use voice commands to know the amount of calories you burned throughout your session.

Stay in the social loop

Call notifications

Keeping up with work and balancing your social life can become a challenge. With an Alexa enabled smart watch you can stay in touch with friends and family by getting voice responses to all incoming messages and social media notifications. Never miss a story and post an update with the convenience of your voice.

Instant web searches

web search

From daily news stories to regular internet searches, an Alexa smart watch can make it easier to surf the web. Whether you need information on the stock market or want to know what new movie to watch, use your voice to manage all your web queries.

Our recommendation

Equipped with a built-in Alexa, look no further than the Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Alpha. With this smart watch you can operate your music, manage calls and respond to texts, all with the convenience of your voice. Let Alexa take over all your daily operations with instant voice responses to all your queries. Moreover, this smart watch also comes with a range of health and fitness features, making it a great all-round selection.