5 effective at-home exercises that don’t require any equipment

A Home Exercise

Most people will have you believe that they only way to stay in shape is to head to the gym and workout with elaborate equipment. However, you can manage to stay in shape without stepping out of your home and by working out all by yourself.

If going to the gym is not your cup of tea, consider indulging in these easy to do at-home exercises. Slide into your trainers and strap on your smart watch – these simple and equipment free exercises are all you need to stay in shape.



Easy to do and highly effective, squats are a great exercise to lose weight and get tone. Make sure you approach this exercise the right way. Start by putting a bench behind you. Open up your arms and extend them in front of your shoulders. Bend both your knees and lower your torso while keeping your back straight and heels planted. Get low enough to make contact with the bench and rise back up again. Rather than counting, continue this exercise for a full minute before stopping.

Tricep dips


This is a great workout for your arms and upper body and can be done almost anywhere. Begin by standing in front of a bench while not facing in its direction. Place the palm of your hands on the chair with your fingers facing forward towards you. Spread your legs straight in front of your body and ensure that your back is flat. Bend your arms at your elbows and lower your body to the ground. Do not go all the way down and rise back up as your hands begin to tighten.

Push ups

push ups

Among the most popular workouts, push-ups offer a range of benefits to both men and women. You can regulate the intensity of your routine as per your requirements. The key to push ups is to target your core, your chest and your arms at the same time. How wide you spread your arms and legs during a push up determines what part of your body is getting the most work. As a general rule, ensure that your arms and feet are parallel to your shoulders so that you get the best benefits.

Mountain climbers

Mountain Climbers

This is a great at home exercise that does not require any equipment and can help you lose belly fat. Start by getting into the push up position and ensure that your wrists are directly parallel to your shoulders. Lift your leg and drive your knee close to your chest and then go back to the high plank position. Repeat the same movement with your other leg and alternate rapidly between the two. You can regulate the intensity and speed of your routine depending on your fitness levels.

Bicycle crunches

 Bicycle crunches

Roll out your yoga mat and sit while leaning slightly backwards. Extend your back and bring your hands to the side of your ears with your elbows flared on either side. From here you begin by lifting your left knee and moving your right elbow closer to the knee. Repeat the same movement with your right knee and left elbow and continue alternating between the two. Spend close to a minute performing this exercise before letting your body relax.

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