15 Best Strategy Games For Android Phones, Ranked

“XCOM 2” takes place some 20 years after the events of its predecessors, with the alien invaders now subjugating the human race following their successful war with the XCOM organization. Players take control of a commander in the resistance group that is attempting to topple the occupation as they strike back against the alien forces. Like its predecessors, the gameplay in “XCOM 2” is split between turn-based battles and management of the overall operation.

This means that you can take direct control of troops when they are deployed on missions, choosing how they react and move around the procedurally generated levels. These battles can quickly become tense, as one wrong move can be devastating. Meanwhile, the strategy side involves choosing research projects or developing new weapons and gear. Both elements have to be balanced, as they both have an important influence on one another.

The Android port loses none of the brilliance of the original PC release and even features some neat changes to the UI to make it easy to navigate on the smaller screen. Players should have no difficulty in moving troops, giving out orders, or delving into the various tech and research trees, making “XCOM 2” one of the best strategy games for mobile devices.