12 Best Cities And Towns In Portugal To Visit

Portugal easily brags about having some of the best weather in Europe so understandably it’s a popular destination for some of the more ‘weather-challenged parts of Europe’ (I’m looking at you the UK and Ireland 😉) to visit.

24 Hours In Lagos And Sagres In The Algarve, Portugal (16)

That being said, there are so many amazing cities and towns in Portugal absolutely worth visiting and it can be a bit confusing as to where to start.

With that in mind, here are some of the best cities and towns in Portugal worth visiting to start you off on your merry way.

1.) Sintra

The Beautiful Pena Palace Of Sintra, Portugal (58)

The first time someone mentioned visiting Sintra to me (many years ago, I might add), it barely even registered.

I kinda nodded but didn’t pay any attention to it (In my defence, it was during exam times and I was more obsessed with solving equations than travel planning).

The Beautiful Pena Palace Of Sintra, Portugal (41)

Then when we arrived in Portugal, someone else repeated this same suggestion and a quick look at photos of it had us cancelling our plans on one of the days in Portugal and heading over straight away to visit Sintra.

Suffice to say, it was so worth it. Sintra is like this relatively small towns in Portugal with huge sites to visit.

Like the kind of sites that would rival even big cities like Porto.

It also has a culmination of so much of Portugal’s history, from ancient Moorish castles to more modern Romanticist places.

It’s got beauty after beauty after beauty here and is so worth a visit.

The Beautiful Pena Palace Of Sintra, Portugal (43)

We’ve actually jotted down all the best places to visit in Sintra, right here. So, I’ll let you have a look at it all.

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2.) Guimaraes

12 Best Cities And Towns In Portugal To Visit

Guimaraes is quite an interesting and important city for Portugal as it’s regarded as Portugal’s birthplace, or the cradle city of Portugal.

Why? Well, this (amongst other reasons) is where the first King of Portugal was born.