10 American Muscle Cars With The Most Reliable Engines, Ranked

Before Pontiac was so unceremoniously laid upon the chopping block, the brand rolled out numerous excellent cars. Cherished classics such as the GTO, LeMans, and Trans Am all have places in Pontiac stardom for being attractive cars with great power and good driving experiences. Before Pontiac was shuttered, it sent a few nice models into the public domain, including its powerful G8 performance sedan.

The G8 only lasted two short years and was adopted from the long-running Australian Holden Commodore. Still, before it left the factory in Elizabeth, it received an LS3 V8, making it a serious family car. It was available with a base V6 engine, but most opted for the eight-cylinder. Power in the GT is 361 horsepower, but in its second year, Pontiac offered a GXP model with 415 horsepower and a six-speed manual. This is clearly the most desirable model, and G8 fan clubs still exist all over the country.

No matter where it is from or for how long it sold, the G8 should prove to be a trusted automotive partner, even after more than a decade since its manufacture. The cars themselves are not completely free of issues, with owners experiencing failures with the HVAC belt pulleys, some electronics issues, and issues with the drive belts. However, the LS3 at the heart of a G8 should still be running strong today.