Yamaha AG08 all-in-one mixer

Yamaha AG08 live streaming content creation mixer microphone input built-in effects USB audio

Yamaha have announced the launch of the AG08, a new all-in-one live streaming mixer and audio interface. Boasting flexible I/O and USB routing options along with on-board DSP effects, the device aims to provide all of the essential functions required by demanding live streamers and content creators. 


The AG08 features a total of eight input channels, with instant hands-on control provided by five assignable faders and mute switches. The first two channels are mono and will both accept microphone or line-level inputs via XLR/TRS combo sockets, each with a gain control, pad switch, and independently switchable phantom power. The second channel also provides a switchable Hi-Z input stage, allowing instruments to be connected directly to the device. The remaining three channels then offer stereo line-level inputs on a combination of quarter-inch TRS, 3.5mm mini-jack, RCA, and 3.5mm TRRS connectors.

Separate stereo Mix and Monitor output sections are provided, with the former utilising a pair of quarter-inch TRS connectors, and the latter offering both quarter-inch TRS and XLR connector options. There are two headphone outputs included, with each of them benefiting from their own dedicated monitor mix, independent level controls, and a mix-minus function that will prevent the first two channels from being routed to their mix. The headphone section also houses a pair of 3.5mm mini-jack connectors to allow the connection of headsets with a built-in microphone, with the audio input jack routed to channel one.

The AG08 connects to a host device via USB, where three separate output mixes can be assigned to software applications. Direct outputs from each of the channels can also be used in parallel with these mixes, allowing users to make multi-track recordings with a DAW at the same time as using the device for live streaming. Audio channels can also be routed from a host device back to the AG08’s stereo channels and assigned to the faders in place of the local inputs.

Yamaha AG08 live streaming content creation mixer microphone input built-in effects USB audio rear panel connectionsThe AG08’s rear panel hosts a comprehensive selection of I/O.

Effects & Software

The device is equipped with on-board DSP which provides a range of effects and processors that can be configured from within an AG08 Controller application. A Voice Changer effect is available exclusively for channel one, whilst channel two benefits from an Amp Sim processor that promises to offers authentic guitar and bass sounds when using the instrument input.

Yamaha AG08 live streaming content creation mixer microphone input built-in effects USB audio controller software applicationThe AG08 Controller application provides in-depth control over the device’s effects and routing parameters.Compression, EQ, reverb, and delay can then be applied independently on each channel, whilst a Ducker function allows the stereo channels to be automatically attenuated relative to the signal present in channels one and two. Lastly, a Maximiser effect allows limiting to be applied to the device’s final output.

Four effects presets for channel one can configured in the software and recalled directly from the top panel thanks to four buttons placed to the left of the channel fader, with a trio of rotary encoders also providing quick access to a range of the channel’s key effects parameters.

Users are also able to trigger custom sound effects samples using six Sound Pads on the device’s top panel. Ready-made audio files can be assigned from within the AG08 Controller application, or users can record their own custom samples from the mixer’s inputs and then trim them using the application.

The AG08 is supplied with Steinberg’s Cubase AI and WaveLab Cast, providing users with music production and editing facilities, and is also compatible with the free iOS-based Cubasis LE.

Pricing & Availabiltiy

The AG08 will be priced at £738 including VAT, with availability yet to be confirmed.