Work made easy with these 5 amazing smart watches


Smart watches have become reliable accessories to pursue fitness and live a healthy lifestyle. However, smart watches can even be used to methodically approach and better manage your daily work.

From tending to important calls, never missing any notifications and ensuring that your work is organised, smart watches have now turned into a reliable work accessory. If you are looking for a smart watch that can help you optimise the way you work, you can explore the following Noise smart watches.

ColorFit Ultra 2

Colorfit Ultra 2

Designed to help you live life on the fast lane, the ColorFit Ultra 2 is a great accessory for your daily work. Made from premium stainless steel, this smart watch can keep up with your daily grind. IP68 resistance ensures that you are protected from splashes, dust and sweat. With up to 7 days of power, you can run through an entire week without needing to charge your device. This smart watch even lets you check the weather, manage reminders, gauge the stock market & access your calculator with a few quick taps. When you do not want your work to be interrupted, tap the DND mode and stay focused on the task at hand.

ColorFit Pro 3 Alpha

Colorfit Alpha

Crafted to help you take charge of all your daily tasks, the ColorFit Pro 3 Alpha can help you stay ahead in the race. BT calling ensures that you manage all your calls directly from your wrist. The ColorFit Pro 3 Alpha is the first smart watch in India which offers instant voice responses to all your queries. With the built-in Alexa, you can surf the web, set reminders, send texts, check the weather and a lot more. Multiple watch straps and widgets let you personalise your smart watch so that you can interact with it the way you prefer.

ColorFit Icon Buzz

Icon BUzz

Manage all your work calls directly from your wrist with the ColorFit Icon Buzz. Check your recent callers, access your contact list and make calls on the dial pad. With BT calling, you can live hands-free and attend every call directly from the smart watch. The integration of voice assistance lets you manage calls, respond to messages and conduct web searches with the convenience of your voice. You even have a few built-in games for when you need a quick break from work. 

NoiseFit Evolve 2

Noisefit Evolve 2

Find the perfect balance between work and play with the NoiseFit Evolve 2. Equipped with an Always on 1.2” AMOLED display, you can view all your important information with a quick glance at its screen. Say goodbye to your daily charging woes with the addition of InstachargeTM. In just 30 minutes of charging, you can get up to 5 days of battery life. Designed in India for Indians, this smart watch comes with Hindi language integration so you can interact with it the way you prefer. With the option of pre-setting quick replies, you can instantly respond to every text and ensure that you never miss anything important. 

ColorFit Ultra Buzz

Colorfit Ultra buzz

Equipped with BT calling, the ColorFit Ultra Buzz is the smart watch you need to manage all you daily work calls. A built-in microphone and speaker ensure that you get a crystal clear calling experience. Its bold and immersive 1.75” LCD display lets you access all the on-screen information with a quick glance. The addition of Noise Productivity Suite can help you approach work a lot more efficiently and methodically. When you need a time out, you can access your favourite music remotely, without reaching for your smartphone. 

At Noise, we have a wide selection of smart watches that can help you improve your efficiency at work. Browse through our entire collection and find the one that best suits your needs.