Winter workouts made easy – Beat the winter blues with these hacks

Winter Workouts

No matter how dedicated of a workout enthusiast you are, the biting winter cold may take away your motivation to exercise. A hot beverage, warm clothes and some indulgent snacks, make for a much more tempting proposition than running in the cold winter breeze.

Rather than reclining into hibernation, follow these winter workout hacks to stay motivated and focused throughout the cold spell.

Light to your advantage

Winter bonfire

While day time workouts are a great idea, grey and gloomy winter mornings are always there to disrupt your energy. Take maximum advantage of day light by scheduling your workouts in the sun. If you have you no choice but to work out during the evening – opt for a warm and well light indoor space. A dark and damp gym can negatively affect your mood and energy levels.

Find a friend or group

Find a Friend

A workout buddy or even a larger group of friends working out together can make winter workouts a lot more fun and engaging. Not only will you have company – friends can literally pull you out of bed on days when you feel like slacking off. Regardless of the cold, the presence and encouragement of a friend will keep you from bailing out.

Download a fitness app 

 Noise Fit App

Fitness apps come with a number of tools to enhance your workouts. They can help you maintain daily performance logs, to measure your progress overtime. Regular events and challenges are designed to keep you engaged and motivated. Consider downloading the NoiseFit app to be part of a nationwide community of fitness driven individuals.

Schedule your meetings to a walk

Meeting during walk

Aches and pain in the joints tend to increase during the winter season. This further takes away from your desire to exercise. During such times, abstaining completely from working out is the easy way out. Head out for a brisk walk everyday to keep your limbs loose and pain free. Schedule your walks around meetings or call a friend at the time, to make it easier to push through the cold. Strap on a smartwatch and track the amount of calories you burn in the process.

Create an at-home regime

 Home Workout

At-home workouts are becoming increasingly popular. Why step out of the comfort of your home when you can bring the gym to your bedroom? However, exercising at home poses its own set of challenges. Opting for smart wearables can help optimise your at-home routine. Wearables such as a smartwatch can act as your personal fitness assistant. The tracking capabilities of such a device can let you monitor your progress across multiple at-home routines.

Mix up your playlist

Playlist on the app

Lace up your trainers, plug in your earbuds and create your very own winter workout playlist. Opt for tunes with a faster tempo and enhanced bass effects to keep you energised and in the zone. Look for a device with noise cancellation to eliminate all the distractions around you. Mix up your music every few weeks to keep your schedule fresh and interesting.

Despite the desire to stay nestled under the sheets, simple yet effective winter workout hacks can help you beat the winter blues.