Win Tickets to Your Favorite Music Venue: Hometowns of Consequence

When we launched Hometowns of Consequence earlier this year, we had one goal: celebrate the best local music venues around the country. We wanted to hear from you, the fans, about the places you go to experience and participate in the culture of music. Of course, there’s no better way to celebrate these touchstones of our community than by actually going to concerts — which is why we’re giving you a chance to win tickets to your favorite venue.

We’re keeping nominations for Hometowns of Consequence open until August 19th. Fans who submit their favorite venues (2,000 capacity or less) will be given a referral link to share on social networks and with friends. The more people who enter their own nomination through your personal referral link, the bigger your reward: 10% off at the Consequence Shop for 1-5 referrals, a $10 gift card for 6-15, and a $20 gift card if you can get 16 or more friends to sign up.

But here’s the big prize: The fans from each of our Hometowns regions (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and West) who secure the most referrals will win a pair of free tickets to their nominated venues, courtesy of Consequence. Want to check out a gig at Los Angele’s Troubadour or Teragram Ballroom, two of Josh Homme’s favorite spots? We’ll get you in. Down to see why Deer Tick love Providence’s Columbus Theatre so much? Go see a show on us. Looking to get “punk rock as fuck” like UPSAHL does at Phoenix’s Valley Bar? We’ve got your tickets right here.

All you have to do is fill out our Hometowns of Consequence nomination form below, share your personalized referral link, and encourage your fellow music lovers to nominate their own favorites. We’ll be announcing our regional finalists at the end of the month, with a final round of voting commencing in September with more chances to win!

For all the details about Hometowns of Consequence, check out the official page. Plus, you can see what other musicians named their own favorite venues here, where you’ll soon also find exclusive profiles on our regional finalists.