Why every college student needs a smart watch


Smart watches are rapidly growing in favour amongst college goers due to the number of ways in which they can assist a student’s life.

They are known to help college students take on a series of essential day-to-day tasks.

A few of them include:

-Keeping up with your fitness and staying in shape.

-Listening to music without needing your smartphone.

-Controlling your phones camera remotely to click pictures.

-Adding a touch of style to your wardrobe.

-Managing all incoming and outgoing calls directly from your wrist.

-Instantly replying to incoming text messages and setting quick-replies.

-Conducting quick web searches with your voice.

-Taking better care of your health via multiple health tracking tools.

5 smart watches to get you through college life

If you are looking for a smartwatch for college, we have put together a list of 5 smart watches that can come in handy.

ColorFit Vision 2 – for the always in style

Vision 2

Make an instant impression on every onlooker with the ColorFit Vision 2. Featuring a 1.78” AMOLED display, this smartwatch lets you keep a tab on all your daily tasks with just a single glance at its screen. Up your style game by switching into a new background everyday with 100+ cloud based watch faces to choose from. You can even opt for multiple watch straps and pair them to match your daily attire. Apart from a ton of style, this smartwatch also comes with Noise Productivity Suite so that you can stay on top of all your tasks.

ColorFit Pulse Buzz – for the social butterfly

Pulse Buzz

Keeping up with your upbeat lifestyle, the ColorFit Pulse Buzz is the smartwatch that you need. The integration of BT calling makes this smartwatch your go-to accessory. Stay connected to your family and friends by managing all your calls directly from your wrist. You can even set customisable reminders for various activities so that you never miss an important event. When you are in the middle of something essential, simply hit ‘Do not disturb’ and proceed with the task at hand in an uninterrupted way.

ColorFit Pro 3 Alpha – for the born leader

Pro 3 Alpha

Call the shots and lead the pack with the ColorFit Pro 3 Alpha. This smartwatch comes with a whole range of features that can optimise your complete routine. Featuring a built-in Alexa, you can get things done with the convenience of your voice. Ask questions, conduct web searches, check the weather and a lot more by speaking to the voice assistant. The ColorFit Pro 3 Alpha also lets you store up to 80 songs directly on your smartwatch. Enjoy smartphone-free music by pairing your earbuds to the smartwatch itself.

ColorFit Ultra 2 – for the fitness lovers

Colorfit Ultra 2

Available in 8 unique shades, this smartwatch offers a ton of style along with immense function. Take better care of yourself by tracking your health and fitness in a number of ways. If you enjoy working out or playing sports, you can monitor your activity across a number of regimes with 60 sports modes. Do not worry about sweating all over the smartwatch as it comes with an IP67 rating making it resistant to dust, splashes and moisture.

NoiseFit Buzz – for the all-rounder

Noise BUzz

Available in a classic jet black shade, this smartwatch can help you pursue a connected lifestyle. With the addition of BT calling, you can manage calls, access your call logs and set favourite contacts without needing your smartphone. Keep up with your social circle by sending and responding to texts directly from your wrist. Breeze through a full week of classes with up-to 7 days of power. Multiple sports modes and multiple ways to track your health make this a great all-round selection.

A smartwatch lets you keep up with all your classes and manage your personal life at the same time. You can explore our complete collection of Noise smart watches and pick the one that best suits your college needs.