What’s in my bag?

Photographers always seem to have a fascination with what other photographers have in their kit. Cameras, lenses, filters, bags and all the paraphernalia that goes along with it. So what’s in my bag, when I leave the studio?

My go-to travel bag

When I travel I tend to carry a variety of lenses with me, depending on where I am going.

Other things in my bag are spare batteries, a rain poncho, a small hand towel, a lens cleaning kit, and business cards (you never know who you might run into). I have a range of bags, all getting pretty old. But they need to be lightweight and comfortable. I prefer the backpack type myself. Waterproof and has room for everything without being too heavy. My favorite is this old Lowepro sports bag, I think this is similar to mine that is available today.

I also frequently have my second camera (also a Sony a7RIII) on a Black Rapid Metro sling strap.

So, that’s what’s in my bag. What about yours? Share it with us in the comments below!

Me and my Sony