What Liz Cheney, Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey, The Rock, and Andrew Yang have in common: They’re third-party alternatives to the Biden-Trump 2024 presidential binary.

  • Joe Biden and Donald Trump are watching their approval ratings tank.
  • Their low numbers are making room for other potential presidential hopefuls, including celebrities.
  • Notable politicians such as Liz Cheney and Andrew Yang are also in the third-party mix.

First came Ronald Reagan. Then Donald Trump. Could Americans see another entertainer trade red carpets for the marbled hallways of the White House?

It’s plausible. Six out of 10 voters would consider a moderate independent candidate for president in 2024 if President Joe Biden, a Democrat, and Trump, a Republican, end up staging a re-run of Election 2020, according to a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll.

Recently, the case for nontraditional, third-party candidates received a boost with the launch of the Andrew Yang-fronted Forward Party, established by dozens of former Democratic and Republican officials. And several celebrities have openly flirted with making an independent presidential run.

Here are 14 notable celebrities and would-be politicians to watch ahead of the 2024 presidential race: