What is Platypod?

After we posted a special offer from Platypod, we received quite a few questions about what it is and what it does. Also, many inquiries were from new readers and beginners starting out their photography businesses. 

The short answer: Platypod is a brand that specializes in producing low-profile camera support systems for photographers and videographers. Their products are designed to be compact, lightweight, and versatile, allowing users to achieve stable shots in a wide variety of situations. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to bulky tripods, Platypod may have the best solution for you.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief rundown of their primary equipment offerings:

Platypod Ultra

The Platypod Ultra is a camera support system that provides stable shots on any surface. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and can support up to 100 lbs. The Ultra is compatible with most cameras and can be used with a variety of accessories, including ballheads and quick-release plates.

Platypod eXtreme

The Platypod eXtreme, which replaced the Platypod Max, is a larger version of the Ultra. It can support up to 300 lbs of weight and has a new hinged spike feet to provide better stability. It is ideal for larger cameras, heavy lenses and studio lighting equipment. Like the Ultra, the eXtreme is made of  the same quality materials.

Platyball Ergo

The Platyball Elite is a redesigned classic tripod head that features an inverted design with panning turntable at the top. It eliminates the need for leveling tripod legs or adjustable knobs, promising to be a perfect tool for level pans.

Platyball Elite

The Platyball Elite is an upgraded version of the Ergo, as it carries the world’s first electronic leveling indicator. Its rear has a screen that serves as a digital level and provides an unobstructed view and night display. The Elite also works with horizontal accuracy, even with a vertically tilted camera.

Platypod Gooseneck

The Platypod Gooseneck is a flexible arm that you can use to position lights, microphones and other accessories. It is compatible with the Ultra and eXtreme, and allows for creating a versatile support system for any camera setup.

Platypod Multi Accessory Kit

The new Platypod Multi Accessory Kit includes additional tools to use with the Platypod Pro, Max, or Ultra. It includes a ballhead, an Arca compatible mounting plate/riser, a spigot adapter, a silicone pad, a cinch strap and a carabiner. The kit is also designed to provide photographers and videographers with everything they need to create a stable and versatile camera support system.

Overall, Platypod equipment provides a go-to setup for photographers and videographers of all experience levels who need a stable camera support system. Indeed for many of us, it’s a “don’t leave home without it” piece of equipment. So, make sure to check out the Platypod website to find out more about these products and the rest of their offerings!

All photos from the Platypod website