Want to find love? Maybe travelling with Contiki is the answer…

The best love stories are travel stories. Wana know how we know? Because we watch Contiki travellers fall in love every single day. Sometimes they fall head-over-heels for each other. (And we’ve got the proposals and marriages to prove it). Sometimes they discover life-long friendships, that stay rock-solid no matter the distance. Sometimes it’s simpler than that, as we watch travellers fall for hiking, or flamenco music, or tiramisu. They’re love stories too. What can we say? We just like to play cupid with you and the world.

So we put a call-out on social to ask for the best Contiki love stories. And we were inundated! From proposals, new besties for life, to the people who simply fell in love with dogs, or themselves… we’ve collected some of our faves to warm your soul.

So grab a cuppa, cosy up and prepare to leave feeling fuzzy (and wanting to go on another adventure).