Venue Apologizes for Forcing Ghost Fans to Remove Face Paint at Concert

A Missouri venue has issued an apology for enacting a policy that forced fans to remove face paint at a Ghost concert on Friday (August 11th).

Two days before the show at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Maryland Heights, Missouri, the venue made a social media post informing fans that “face paint or masks covering the face” were “NOT allowed while entering the venue or purchasing items at concessions” and “any face coverings must be removable upon request.”

Apparently, many concertgoers didn’t get catch wind of the policy — which is somewhat bizarre in-and-of itself, considering the widespread use of face coverings in recent years. Also, Ghost frontman Papa Emeritus IV (aka Tobias Forge) dons corpsepaint-like makeup, inspiring hardcore fans to often put on face paint themselves.

The venue’s relatively late announcement about the policy caused chaos and confusion at the gates, as concertgoers were told to remove their face paint and, in some cases, even their regular makeup before they could enter the show. As reported by The Pit, one Instagram user was apparently told her makeup’s “foundation was too light and it looked like face paint,” so she was given makeup wipes to remove it.

After the show, Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre issued the following apology:

“Thanks to everyone who joined us for an amazing Ghost show last night. On behalf of our crew, we’d like to apologize for a miscommunication about removing face paint. This was not directed by Ghost. If you experienced issues at last night’s show, please reach out to us … so we can improve for future shows.”

Ghost shared the venue’s statement on Facebook, as well, along with a brief message: “We wish to inform you that we will ALWAYS encourage creative expression, we will NEVER stifle it.”

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Hopefully, Ghost’s ongoing tour with Amon Amarth can now continue without further incident. The next show on the itinerary is set for Monday (August 14th) in Clarkston, Michigan, and you can get tickets here.

View the statement from Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, as shared by Ghost, below.