Understanding the psychology of weight loss

Weight Loss

In spite of a healthy diet and regular exercise, sometimes weight loss isn’t a guarantee. This is because shredding weight extends beyond just maintaining a diet and working out.

The process of losing weight is gradual, long term and requires the right mental approach. Weight loss is intrinsically related to your personal psychology. In breaking down the psychology of weight loss, you can sustain the right mind set and remain committed to your fitness goals. By eliminating various psychological blocks and identifying triggers that can cause self harm, you can better approach weight loss in the long run.

Read on for some tips on building the right mental approach to losing weight.

Prep your meals

prepare your meal

Meal prepping can ensure that you do not over eat. Pay attention to your calorie consumption during every meal. Opt for products with a lower calorie count and ensure that you do not cross your daily limit. By counting calories you can make healthier choices with your daily meals. A great idea would be to opt for a smartwatch with a calorie tracker to keep a tab on your daily diet.

Set realistic expectations

realistic expctations

If you haven’t been consistent with exercise in the past, chances are you will not be able to sustain an extremely vigorous workout routine from the get go. While everyone wants to lose weight fast, in reality it is a gradual process. Set realistic fitness goals and focus on achieving them before proceeding to something more challenging. Having realistic expectations can help you feel accomplished and motivated. Increase the intensity of your workout only when you can consistently match up to your current routine.

Make the process enjoyable

Process enjoyable

Finding pleasure in your routine can help you sustain a positive approach to weight loss. If going to the gym is not your cup of tea; there are several other ways to train. Psychological obstacles or mental road blocks may often be a result of a lack of enjoyment. By finding a routine that you find enjoyable, you can rid yourself of such mental hurdles and speed up your weight loss process. From dancing to playing sports and indulging in yoga, there are several different ways to get in shape.

Look for a healthy alternative

healthy alternative

We all crave an indulgent snack from time to time. Cravings are your body’s way of telling you to consume more nutrients. They do not mean that you need to have a heavy burger or some chocolate ice cream. This nutrient need can easily be curbed by going for a healthier alternative. If you have a tendency to give into cravings, look for a healthier replacement for your snack of choice.

Find a way to deal with stress

stress free

Despite your best efforts, stress can restrict your progress making it difficult to lose weight. If you have something weighing down on you, it is important to identify and address such matters. Stress can have a negative impact on both your physical and mental health. To develop a strong psychology towards weight loss, it is important to confront stressful feelings with honesty. You can also opt for a smartwatch with a stress monitor; since it can help you identify areas in your life that may be causing your stress levels to spike.

Your lifestyle is everything


Incorporating healthy habits can have a positive effect on your overall health and mood. If you often indulge in junk food or sleep through noon, it may be time to make some lifestyle changes. The key to approaching weight loss is to incorporate healthy habits and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Whether it is sleeping in late or gorging on your favourite snack, restrict yourself to a few cheat days every month.

By understanding the psychology of weight loss, you can work on eliminating various mental blocks that may be restricting your progress. If you are having trouble keeping your weight in check, you can consider opting for a Noise smartwatch. Our smartwatches come with built-in calorie tracking and a number of workout modes to help you optimise the way you train.