Travel Notes: Linz, Austria

Linz, Austria is yet another picturesque city to photograph and wander.

As in most of these cities along the Danube River, if you are on a river cruise, you really don’t have enough time to really get a feel for each place.

Linz is no different. We would have loved to have spent a few days here. There are museums and a history that is worth exploring further. Not to mention the little cafes and restaurants to linger in. You can learn more about the history here.

But, you do the best you can with the time you have in this situation. It helps if you do a bit of research first so you don’t miss anything you absolutely want to see or photograph. Being part of a walking tour is limiting but also you can learn a lot in that short time.

Daily life in Linz

One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing different cultures and customs. Look for scenes and items that showcase this. Whether they’re little snippets of everyday life that you may not ordinarily see where you live or that famous Linzer torte. They can make for some lovely images and a reminder of your travels.

Sights and scenes

As photographers, we tend to be aware of what is happening around us almost constantly. When we are traveling it can be difficult to take it all in and take photos at the same time. Just be ready to capture a moment as it unfolds when you’re walking around. Especially if you’re part of a tour group. Lag a bit behind (but not too far) so you have a clearer path of view if you need to.

Street Art

While I don’t typically photograph street art, murals and what I consider other people’s art, I found a few things in Linz that I wanted to record as part of our trip.

The ballerina and Poseidon murals both had signs nearby which I also photographed. That way I could refer back to see who the artist is. Google is also quite amazing at finding this information. I typed in ballerina mural Linz and the information came right up.

Linz Architecture

No matter where I travel to, I am always drawn to architecture. In Linz, most of what we were shown were the older structures. But when we first walked across the river the Lentos Art Museum was in front of us. I could have spent hours there and we didn’t have time to go inside.

If you’re photographing subjects that are typical for you, think about creating images that are a bit different. Try to include things that will help the viewer recognize the location, even if it takes a bit of thought.


  • Don’t be afraid to post-process your images to make them look how you felt when you were there.
  • Use your mobile phone if it’s more convenient at any given moment.
  • Take photos of signs that explain where you are or what you’re looking at. I have signs to remind me who the artists are for the murals above.
  • Photograph outside your usual genre so you don’t miss out on memories.
  • Photograph street signs and building addresses to look up locations and building or site names later.