Top 3 Airports With Casinos

Have you ever been at an airport waiting to connect your flight for hours on end? We all have, and yeah, it always blows to twiddle your thumbs for hours waiting for a flight that might delay or not. Aside from drinking mugs after mugs of coffee, there really doesn’t seem to be much one can do during a long layover. However, nowadays, there is quite a bit you can do at the terminals, and one of the most exciting new ways to sit things out involves playing casino games. Welcome to the present, where even airports are starting to notice that gamblers need to play a hand before catching a plane to the sunset.

If you are an avid fan of gambling, here are airports that will allow you a good run before a trip:

McCarran International Aiport Casino

1. McCarran Airport

If you have been to the Las Vegas Valley, then you know it is a sprawling mass that dots the magnificent landscape of one of Nevada’s metropolitan areas. McCarran Airport is located in this valley and is the primary commercial airport in the area. It was built in 1942 but went commercial in 1948. Currently, the airport has tens upon tens of slot machines located at every corner, allowing would-be passengers to occupy themselves with a game before they catch their flight. It is also a good gambling area for those waiting for road transport after deplaning. Upon entrance to the airport, you will find people milling around, waiting for slot machines to free up so that they ca have a go at their turn.


2. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol(AMS)

AMS is considered one of the biggest international airports in the Netherlands and processes tens of thousands of visitors a day. It is a thriving hub for international flights and serves more than 50 destinations around the world. The airport is considered the third busiest in Europe and sits just 9 Kilometers South West of the City of Amsterdam. Located within AMS is Holland Casino, a relatively small outfit that offers a range of games. You can play high stakes Roulette, Blackjack and slot machines. Before you play (blackjack in particular), check out the rules in this house because, at Holland Casino, a push is a loss.


3. Reno–Tahoe International Airport(RNO)

Located in the neighborhood of Reno, Nevada, RNO is an airport used for both military and public travel. After McCarran, it is Nevada’s second busiest airport for domestic and international flights. RNO is home to Nevada Air National Guard, which runs its own terminal in the premises. Like many gambling-friendly airports out there, Reno-Tahoe chiefly offers slot machine games for those passing through. The Machines are located at vantage points all over.

Airports can be depressing. All you see are harassed passengers just wishing for time to fly by so that they can catch their flights home. If you ever find yourself in that position, simply look around for signs of a casino. If you are lucky, you are going to find a house that offers a free casino bonus where you keep what you win as you wait to hop on the next plane.