Top 10 Male Bonding Activities

Brought to you by: Cigar Page

Have you ever wondered what men are actually doing when they “go out with the boys?” This activity has been shrouded in mystery from time immemorial, but today for the first time we will reveal the secret to you.

Here are the top 10 bonding activities preferred by men:

  1. Epic sword fight on top of a volcano: We saw this in a movie once so now we have to try it.
  2. Standing around looking at a grill: Watching a steak cook with someone will make you bros for life.
  3. Having heartfelt conversations about our innermost feelings, but doing it while holding a cigar: A cigar makes it less gay.
  4. Bullying: Cruelty is our love language.
  5. Murdering each other repeatedly on Xbox Live: And then bullying the loser.
  6. Staring at a fire without speaking: We’re pretty sure this also bonds us with our ancient ancestors.
  7. Fishing on opposite ends of the boat without speaking: Ahhhhhhh…
  8. Grunting while passing by one another: One grunt says all you need to say.
  9. Nodding to each other in solidarity as the wives talk forever: “Your wife likes to talk too, eh?”
  10. Joining together for a rousing cheer of “Let’s Go Brandon!”: We forget who this “Brandon” guy is, but tradition is tradition.

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