The wild life of billionaire Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who has apologized for Elon Musk’s layoffs and is known for eccentricities like eating one meal a day, and taking ice baths

  • Jack Dorsey cofounded Twitter in 2006 and the company made him a billionaire.
  • He’s famous for his unusual life of luxury, including a daily fasting routine and regular ice baths.
  • He stepped down as Twitter CEO in November 2021 but continues to lead Block as its “Block Head.”
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From fighting armies of bots to quashing rumors about sending his beard hair to rapper Azealia Banks, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey leads an unusual life of luxury.

Dorsey has had a turbulent career in Silicon Valley. After cofounding Twitter on March 21 2006, he was booted as the company’s CEO two years later, but returned in 2015 having set up his second company, Square — which he rebranded as Block in 2021.

He led Twitter through the techlash that has engulfed social media companies, testifying before Congress multiple times.

And Dorsey announced on November 29, 2021, he had stepped down as the CEO of Twitter. He continues to lead Block, where in April 2022 he changed his title from “CEO” to “Block Head.” In May 2022, Dorsey officially stepped down from Twitter’s board of directors amid Elon Musk’s bid for the company, which became final in October 2022. 

Shortly after the takeover, Musk called for mass layoffs at Twitter, impacting thousands of employees and an estimated 50% of the company’s workforce. Dorsey subsequently apologized to “folks at Twitter past and present” in a tweet, claiming responsibility for the terminations because he “grew the company size too quickly.” 

Dorsey has provoked his fair share of controversy and criticism, extolling fasting and ice baths as part of his daily routine. His existence is not entirely spartan, however. Like some other billionaires, he owns a stunning house, dates models, and drives fast cars.

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Rebecca Borison and Madeline Stone contributed reporting to an earlier version of this story.