The top 10 best corporate meeting venues in Switzerland

If you’ve ever organized a corporate event, you’ll know that it’s no mean feat. Luckily, Switzerland is home to some of the more unique conference venues and event spaces in Europe. From Geneva to Zurich, Bern to Lausanne, Switzerland is packed with potential for your next meeting—and will have things running like clockwork in no time at all. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top corporate meeting venues in Switzerland so you don’t have to spend time searching for the perfect venue. 

We’ve scoured some of the highest peaks in Europe, trailed the world’s longest tunnel, and delved into the depths of Europe’s Grand Canyon for this one. All locations are reachable by public transport and all offer wifi access. Whether you’re looking for a large conference center or convenient meeting rooms, grab your favorite bar of chocolate, we’re going to Switzerland!

What to look for when sourcing a venue

Finding the right venue involves juggling several factors. First, the venue must accommodate the right number of attendees and have suitable meeting spaces with the right equipment and facilities. The location should also have good transport links (not usually a problem in one of the world’s best hubs for innovation!) and sufficient parking if required.

The venue you ultimately pick will also be determined by the type of event you’re hosting. Some of the events companies hold at corporate meeting venues might include:

  • Business meetings with clients or customers: a meeting venue can provide a professional setting creating a positive impression and helping to build constructive relationships.
  • Internal meetings or training sessions: an external venue can provide a neutral location for team meetings or training sessions, supporting productive discussions and encouraging participation.
  • Conferencing or events: the right space can provide the facilities required for larger-scale hybrid events such as seminars, lectures, or product launches.

Ready? Let’s see what Switzerland has to offer.

1. Villa St. Charles Hall Meggen: for a sophisticated, formal affair


Established in 1895, this royal estate has certainly got some history to it, and is certain to make your guests feel extra special given its VIP visitors in the past—including the Dalai Lama! With such a grand space, you’ll be able to fit up to 150 guests in some of the larger rooms or keep things small and intimate with eight-guest board rooms—a true slice of Swiss luxury.  

Set on the shores of Lake Lucerne, with its very own marina, Bootshafen Meggen, the Hall is a truly spectacular venue that’s at its proudest with a light dusting of snow. It’s a picture-perfect winter location. 

  • Location: Meggen
  • Capacity: up to 150
  • Cost: $$$$$

2. Citizen M, Zurich: for quirky meetings at a budget-friendly rate


In one of Europe’s top business hubs, just an 11-minute walk from Zurich’s main station, sits a handful of CitizenM meeting rooms. Giving Marriott hotels a run for their money, these spaces are guaranteed to fill your team with inspiration. 

Aside from their convenience, the meeting rooms are quirky, unique, and come with unlimited refreshments. If you’re looking for a creative space, then the ability to write on the walls may be just what you’re looking for—just don’t use the permanent marker! Plus, you’ve got guest rooms on tap if anyone needs to spend the night!

  • Location: Zurich 
  • Capacity: up to 12
  • Cost: $

3. Casino: a cultural hub, packed with history and fine-dining in Bern


With 11 fantastic spaces to choose from, fabulous food available, and a team on-hand to help with any part planning, you’ve got plenty to consider with Casino Bern. Plus, their range of rooms means you’ll be able to find something small (seating six) up to a grand space (hosting up to 1,300). 

When your meeting is over, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Casino offers a culture flow on tap with a wealth of events ranging from classical music events to Italian or French dining that will melt your heart quicker than Swiss chocolate. 

  • Location: Bern 
  • Capacity: up to 1,300
  • Cost: $$$ 

4. Trafo Hall, Trafo Event Village: for modern events in historic spaces


Located in Baden, which is just a 27-minute drive from Zurich city center, Trafo Hall is our top pick out of the 24 rooms on offer within the popular Trafo Event Village, on account of its impressive size and adaptability. 

Originally built in 1942 as the BBC’s high voltage laboratory, today the 660 square meter hall, with its accompanying 300+ square foot foyer, now hosts product launches, expos, large-scale seminars, and more. If this hall is too big for your company event, you can take your pick from spaces scaling down to those suitable for just two people. 

  • Location: Baden
  • Capacity: up to 600
  • Cost:  $$$$

5. Hall 622: perfect for a grand event with industrial vibes


This one’s an ideal match for large corporate gatherings looking to steal the show. The industrial interiors give your event an original feel, while the furniture and stunning chandeliers will keep things warm and stylish. The room is optimized for acoustics, so if you’re looking to host a live performance at your next meeting, then this could be just what you need. 

The space also has a catering zone, an exhibition area, and a large gallery. Plus, it’s well-connected for those traveling in, just a 5-minute walk from Oerlikon station. 

  • Location: Zurich
  • Capacity: up to 2,000
  • Cost: $$$$

Looking for support with corporate event management? Have a look at our guide to a seamless trip.

6. MCH Lounge, Messe Congress Center: a modern center with views of Messeplatz


Sitting on the Rhine River, in the Northwestern part of Switzerland, you’ll find idyllic Basel. Famous for its 12th and 16th-century architecture, the modern Messe Congress and Convention Centre is a stark contrast, giving the historic city new life. 

Their MCH Lounge is perfect for smaller gatherings, it’s air-conditioned and features views over the exhibition square. You’ll be able to organize your guests in a U-shape seating style with tables and chairs, or theater-style seating with a projector and screen available upon request. 

  • Location: Basel
  • Capacity: up to 100
  • Cost: $$$

7. The Villa and the Park: for a touch of luxury in Europe’s beating heart


Geneva’s Palexpo villa and park combo are giving any Radisson Blu or Sheraton a run for their money. From the outside, this looks like a wellness retreat, and with the sprawling gardens out back you’re not far from the truth. 

At the foot of the Palexpo international exhibition and congress centre, you’ll find this truly unique Florentine-style mansion, dating back to 1833. Spanning across four floors, five ceremonial rooms, and over 300 square meters of space, their modern on-site kitchen can cater for up to 350 guests, making this a truly unique meeting place, not too far from Geneva Airport. Plus, the gardens add potentially thousands more square feet of exhibit space to play with.

  • Location: Geneva 
  • Capacity: up to 350
  • Cost: $$$$

8. Le Castel de Bois Genoud: tuck yourself away amid 1,000 square meters of parkland in Lausanne


Located in the surrounding parkland of Lausanne, Le Castel de Bois Genoud offers six seminar rooms with green-packed views of the park and all flooded with natural light. It’s one of the most retreat-like meeting venues you’ll find in Switzerland. The building dates back to the 18th century, giving any meeting a touch of charm that’s hard to replicate with modern builds. 

This venue is fantastic for small teams, with the largest of rooms holding up to 60 people. During your lunch hours, teams will be able to take a stroll through the surrounding parkland or stop for a bite to eat at the organic cafe downstairs. 

  • Location: Lausanne
  • Capacity: up to 60
  • Cost: $$

9. 25hours Hotel, Atelier meeting room: a creative space for intimate gatherings 


As far as boutique hotels go, this one should be at the  top of your list. Offering a first-class service with unique and quirky vibes, your team is sure to be swept off their feet if you pick 25hours to host your next meeting. Their vibrant lounges will welcome your guests with open arms and their inspirational meeting rooms will ensure they stick around.

This space is an excellent blank canvas, with 69 square meters of floor space to play with. Seating up to 14 people, the space is full of natural light, and even offers a small house bar.  

  • Location: Zurich 
  • Capacity: up to 14
  • Cost: $

10. The United Nations Office: for an inspiring event to help mark history


We’re going out with a bang, featuring the United Nations Office in Geneva. If you’re looking for a potential convention center for your next business event matched with an ample amount of meeting space, then this could be just the place for you. The room rate range will vary drastically depending on the size of the space you need—there’s no shortage to pick from, 30 to be exact. 

You can’t doubt the sheer history this venue is steeped in. If you’re looking to host an event that will mark history, and need some press coverage alongside it, then the United Nations Office couldn’t be a better fit!

  • Location: Geneva
  • Capacity: up to 2,500
  • Cost: $$$

Get ahead and start organizing your corporate event today

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