The rise of dupes: You can now get these luxury-level self care products at a fraction of the originals’ price

  • Dupes are back in the spotlight as shoppers search for better ways to save money.
  • The term ‘dupe’ gained popularity in the beauty community during the 2010s.
  • TikTokers are sharing their best dupes for luxurious self-care without the cost.

TikTok is reviving the popularity of dupes — short for duplicates — of high-end products for those who want quality, but at a heavily discounted price.

Online bargain hunters popularized the term “dupe” in the makeup industry during the 2010s. Now, these more affordable alternatives are being seen across several industries – including self-care.

Beauty review site, Supergreat, defines “dupe” as “an affordable product that mirrors a more expensive one in quality, formula, and/or appearance.”

TikTokers have dedicated videos to sharing their go-to dupe products for skincare, loungewear, and more to help each other save some serious cash.