Voyager and Lockheed Martin plan to have their private space station, Starlab, up and running by 2027. The latest development is a partnership with Hilton, which will help design astronaut facilities, including the sleeping quarters and other parts of the station. NASA has contracted four private companies to build private space stations ahead of the agency’s planned decommissioning of the International Space Station at the end of the decade.

Under the partnership, Hilton and Voyager will investigate marketing opportunities related to Starlab and trips to what could be one of the first space hotels.

– Mat Smith

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ASUS’ ROG Phone 6D Ultimate has a beefy cooling system

When the fan is attached, the phone’s cooling fins are exposed.


ASUS’ latest hardcore gamer phone, carrying its gaming PC ROG branding, includes a flap that exposes the phone when you attach the bundled AeroActive Cooler 6 – yes a giant cooling peripheral. This blasts 1,000cc of air through the phone per second. The ROG Phone 6D Ultimate will be available across Europe soon, priced at €1,399 (around $1,400) or £1,199 in the UK. No word on US availability yet.

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Rockstar confirms gigantic ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ leak

They featured an early build of the game.

That purported Grand Theft Auto VI leak appears to be real. Rockstar Games has confirmed the leak’s authenticity in a tweet, noting that a hacker stole confidential data including “early development footage” of the next Grand Theft Auto title. The firm didn’t foresee any long-term damage to development or live services like GTA Online, but was “extremely disappointed” that details of the future game were revealed. It was a big leak, including 90 videos of a very early build of GTA VI. The clips appear to confirm rumors from July that a return to Vice City was on the cards, as well as a Bonnie and Clyde-like pair of male and female protagonists.

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Boom’s supersonic jet is facing a lack of interest from engine suppliers

Manufacturers say supersonic travel is ‘tangential’ and are focusing on efficiency instead.

Boom recently lost its jet engine partner for the Overture supersonic jet, and other major engine manufacturers reportedly aren’t interested in the project either, according to a report from Insider. After Boom signed an “engagement agreement” with Rolls-Royce for supersonic jet engines back in 2020, the latter announced last week that it had left the project. Another jet engine supplier, Pratt & Whitney, cited efficiency as an issue for supersonic jets, while other manufacturers say they’re concentrating on reducing fuel-burn – the primary focus for the industry, given criticism of air travel’s contribution to global warming.

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The iPhone 14 is the most repairable iPhone in years

It’s completely been reworked inside.

iFixit has finished a teardown of this year’s iPhone 14, and it’s clear that the device was reworked from the ground up, with do-it-yourself fixes in mind. The back glass is easier and cheaper to fix, but the metal midframe keeps the front just as accessible. Apple still demands that customers and technicians activate parts after installation, so you can’t just use an unofficial back instead of Self Service Repair components. Still, iFixit claims this is the most repairable Apple handset since 2016’s iPhone 7. In Fact, the design is more repairable than many Android phones that are only easy to open from the back.

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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is a hit on Steam again

Thanks to its Netflix anime spinoff.


With nearly 80,000 concurrent Steam players at the moment, Cyberpunk 2077 is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. While it’s a far cry from the more than one million people that played the game on PC following its troubled launch, it’s still more interest than the game has seen in over a year. That’s likely thanks to the game’s anime spinoff, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, which premiered on Netflix to critical acclaim.

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