The Killers Release Seven New Track On Expanded Pressure Machine

The Killers dropped their deluxe version of their 2021 album Pressure Machine today, adding seven new and reimagined tracks for fans to soak up. The expanded album includes four different versions of “Thee Getting Buy,” the original closing track.

There are also two new takes on “West Hills” and a new version of “Runaway.”

The band didn’t cheap out when it came to creating new versions of their tracks. “The Getting By II” is bigger and more rousing than the original version. “Running Horses II” is also surprisingly upbeat compared to the album cut featuring Phoebe Bridgers.

One of the new versions of “West Hills” has also been given a gospel touch. For fans of the band, the deluxe edition of Pressure Machine is a must listen to affair. And it might just serve as a tease of what’s to come as well.

Speaking with NME last year, the band revealed it was working on a new album with a heavier sound. This new venture would possibly reunite the full band for the first time wince Wonder Wonderful came out in 2017. Drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. said:

“I’m just supposing here, but I think the whole COVID thing made people realize how good they have it. There have been some really kind remarks that I’ve never heard from the guys before that made saying, ‘Hey, I don’t want to not be on a record anymore – so let’s do this’. We’re very sobered up from the experience of being locked away. I do think that all four of us are going to be on this next record. We’ve already started messing around a bit, so that’s good.”

Are The Killers the hardest working band in show biz? Are you a fan of the newly reimagined tracks on the Pressure Machine deluxe edition?