The Joker’s Real Name Revealed as Jack White, Other Jack White Responds

For all the havoc he wreaks on Gotham, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the Joker. DC’s comic book series Flashpoint Beyond has divulged some crucial info, however, finally unveiling his very familiar-sounding name: Jack White.

In issue #5 of Flashpoint Beyond — a sequel to 2011’s DC-universe-altering Flashpoint — Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne (this universe’s Batman), heads to Arkham Asylum to meet with his estranged, incarcerated wife Martha (this universe’s Joker). Martha tells Thomas that she forced Psycho-Pirate, a villain notable for having extensive knowledge of the multiverse, to reveal everything he knew about the main DC Universe timeline, including the Joker’s real name — which, of course, he shares with the former White Stripes frontman.

Thankfully, the other Jack White seems pleased with the coincidence: “An interesting note; during the process of putting together the artwork for my album ‘Fear of the Dawn’ last year, i asked artist Rob Jones to communicate with the amazing DC comic artist Mikel Janin to see if he would be interested in a commission: illustrating me in the range of the style that he draws his version of The Joker for DC comics,” our cover star alum wrote on Instagram. “Bizarre patterns and coincidences emerge in the universe that we only see glimpses of at times, some meaningful, some meaningless. A large thank you to Mr. Janin for contributing this wonderful work to the record.”

In a separate post, White added, “I’d love to thank DC comics for giving The Joker the name of ‘Jack White’ after me. Though his hair is usually not as blue as mine, i still take it as a flattering gesture on their part and consider it an honor. It was a lonely journey through my life being the only person with that name until now.”

The Joker has had a few other “real names” in the past, however. In 1989’s Batman, he was Jack Napier, while Joaquin Phoenix’s iteration of him in 2019’s Joker bore the birth name Arthur Fleck. But this is the first time Joker has been given a name in the core DC Comics continuity. There’s also a possibility that the illustrated Jack White could be just one of three Jokers. Either way, this fortuity is worth smiling wide for. See the non-villainous Jack White’s posts below.

White’s last album was July’s Entering Heaven Alive.