The Cast of Minx on Season 2, Rock Star Hangs, and Karaoke Parties

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The cast of Minx joins Kyle Meredith to talk about Season 2, which premieres today (July 21st) on Starz after leaving HBO Max.

Lennon Parham (Shelly), Jessica Lowe (Bambi), Oscar Montoya (Richie), and Idara Victor (Tina) discuss the authentically ’70s story being told throughout the season, especially when it comes to equality and representation, as well as their respective characters’ development.

“We’re trying to tell an authentic story of the ’70s, of the LA ’70s experience,” explains Montoya. “I think we got it in Season 1, and [for] Season 2 we’re trying to really hone it in. I think we’re trying to tell a bunch of different stories, authentic stories, of all kinds of people. The ’70s experience isn’t a monolith, not everyone lived exactly the same way.”

The cast also chats about which musicians they would want to hang out with if they were able to travel back to that time period, the eccentric photography scene during that time, and their cast karaoke parties.

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