The 1975 Dress Date Night Chic Performing “I’m in Love with You” on Fallon: Stream

Many artists keep it casual for their late night sets, but The 1975 dressed to the nines in black suits and even some ties for their performance of “I’m in Love with You” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The group played on a stage covered in ornate rugs, because nothing says amorous intentions quite like floor coverings. Lead singer Matty Healy played guitar and wiggled in front of his mic stand, and when it came time to sing the line, “Don’t fuck it, you muppet,” he censored himself, instead holding up his hand to someone off stage and saying, “All right.” Check out “I’m in Love with You” below.

The song comes from The 1975’s October album Being Funny in a Foreign Language. The band are currently touring in support of that record, and previous performances have included some pretty wild stuff, including Healy munching on raw meat. Tickets to future dates are available here.

As for The Tonight Show, Fallon has some Boss plans for November, including a Bruce Springsteen takeover.