Sudan Archives Performs “Homesick” on Fallon: Watch

Sudan Archives swung by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday to perform “Homesick,” a cut from her 2022 record Natural Brown Prom Queen — one of the best albums of the year. Watch her musical guest appearance on the show below.

Putting her album’s title tot he test, Sudan Archives looked royal, indeed, draped in a pink floor-length gown topped off with an elaborate headpiece full of roses. Behind her was a four-piece backing band, complete with guitar, horns, electronic drum pads, and even a half-full wine glass. Though each member of the band stood on elevated platforms, Sudan was the obvious focal point, as if she were standing in the middle of a cathedral surrounded by statues of divine gods.

As per usual, the musician was armed with her violin. She plucked its strings in the song’s introduction before whipping out her bow and dropping to her knees to play the song’s powerful final moments. Watch Sudan Archives’ performance of “Homesick” on Fallon below.

Consequence caught up with Sudan Archives back in September for our Artist of the Month interview, where she discussed learning violin by ear and the musical progression that precipitated the making of Natural Brown Prom Queen.