Starting personal photography projects

It’s a brand new year, full of possibilities. But what to do? Have you ever thought about taking on a personal photography project or two? Well, here is a few ideas you can start with straight away.

52-week challenge

This is a great one, especially for those who can’t quite commit to a 365-day challenge. I started one on Jan. 1, but it’s not too late to start one right now. Every week for 52 weeks select a random theme and capture that. Use a DSLR (or mirrorless) camera or even your smartphone. It’s all about challenging yourself and getting out there shooting. If you do it in a group, it’s great fun and you can be inspired by others in the group. You can even join my Facebook group — Julie’s 52-week challenge. Below are just the first three weeks of challenges. I am sure that there are loads of challenge groups around, you could even start one of your own.

Julie's 52-Week Challenge
Julie’s 52-Week Challenge; Summer Vibes, Golden Light & Hanging Bottles

Colours of the rainbow

Here is another idea I am working on with my team: colors of the rainbow. We select a color and work with that for makeup and outfits. We are looking at perhaps one per month. This is terrific for portfolio building and stretching your creativity and imagination. We are opting for a fashion and editorial vibe on our project.

I see Red project

Larger projects

Looking to create something bigger in 2023? There is no reason why you can’t start an even bigger challenge for yourself. Personal projects have many benefits, including personal growth and an increase in productivity. Here are a few ideas that might get you started.

It doesn’t matter what you chose, it’s simply a matter of deciding what to do and getting started. However, I do find it is more fun when you create with a group of friends. Even if it is just online. And don’t forget to check out our own Photofocus Weekly Challenges as well.