Standard Audio Level-Or Mk2 Dual

Standard Audio Level-Or Mk2 Dual hardware limiter distortion

Standard Audio have announced the Level-Or Mk2 Dual, a 19-inch two channel version of the Level-Or Mk2, their 500 series JFET limiter and distortion unit. We reviewed the original Level-Or unit back in 2013, check out the article here.

Enclosed in a steel chassis with an aluminium front panel, the new unit includes all of the features and improvements that the Mk2 500 series module gained, including lower noise, a bypass switch and a DI input, but thanks to the addition of a second channel now includes three different dual channel operation modes that are available via a toggle switch in the centre of the panel.

An IND (independent) mode simply allows the two channels to function as two separate mono units, whilst a S/C LINK mode links the limiter side-chains enabling stereo processing duties. A third setting, labelled CASCADE, feeds the output of the first channel into the input of the second, allowing mono sources to be processed by the two channels in series.

A three-way toggle switch on each channel switches between Level and Crunch modes, or allows the unit to be bypassed. In Level mode, the unit acts as an extremely high ratio limiter (inspired by the Shure Level-Loc PA limiter). In Crunch mode, Standard Audio say that the channel uses, and abuses, a serious of Class-A discrete transistor stages to provide anything from subtle harmonic distortion through to complete destruction of the audio signal.

Finally, a speed switch is included on each channel. When in Level mode, this switch controls the release time of the limiter, with fast, medium, and slow options available. When in Crunch mode, it controls a variable low-pass filter in the audio path, helping to control the any harshness introduced when driving the unit into harmonic distortion. The filter can be left off, or engaged at either 15kHz or 8kHz.

Standard Audio Level-Or Mk2 Dual hardware limiter distortionStandard Audio Level-Or Mk2 Dual rear panel

The rear panel simply features four XLR sockets that provide an input and output connection for each channel, and an IEC mains connector feeding an internal power supply.

The Level-Or Mk2 Dual will cost $2200£1835 including VAT, with availability yet to be announced.