Sony Corporation joins C2PA as Steering Committee Member

Today, the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) has added Sony Corporation (“Sony”) as the latest steering committee member. Sony will help provide creators, consumers, and others with opt-in, flexible ways to understand the authenticity and provenance of various media types.

The C2PA recently released the world’s first industry-standard specification for content provenance. The provenance will promote the widespread adoption of tools to identify the source and history of digital content. Sony’s membership marks a major addition to the coalition as one of the world’s leading providers of electronics products and solutions for consumer and professional markets.

Sony is joining as a member of the C2PA steering committee, which includes founding members Adobe, Arm, BBC, Intel, Microsoft, and Truepic, as well as Twitter. C2PA continues its work to address the prevalence of mis/disinformation and to scale transparency and trust in online content. Sony’s deep expertise in the hardware space will be invaluable in accelerating progress toward global adoption of the technical standard for digital provenance.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome Sony to the C2PA as we pursue a robust, lasting and industrywide standard to combat mis/disinformation online. The C2PA’s new technical specification is the blueprint for digital content provenance. We believe Sony’s deep expertise, expansive reach, and support will help us continue our efforts to effectively scale an end-to-end global standard across the content ecosystem.”

Andrew Jenks, C2PA Chair

Sony Corporation joins C2PA

New technical specification version

Recently, the C2PA announced an important milestone with the release of version 1.0 of its technical specification for digital provenance. The open standard empowers global content creators and editors to create tamper-evident media. It does this by enabling them to opt-in and selectively disclose information about who created or changed digital content and how it was altered. It is designed to be adopted by any software, device, or online platform. As well as by regulatory bodies and government agencies to establish standard methods for digital provenance.

“Sony’s Purpose is to fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology,” said Kenji Tanaka, Senior Vice President of Sony Corporation. “While mis/disinformation continues to challenge society’s trust in digital content, we are joining C2PA to confront the matter at large. We are excited to collaborate with the other steering committee members of C2PA to develop meaningful standards for creators, consumers, and others.”

Moving forward, the C2PA remains focused on ensuring that its specification is used in ways that respect privacy and personal control of data. They will do this with a critical eye toward potential abuse and misuse. The C2PA will continue working with governments, platforms, publishers, and tool providers to accelerate progress for society at large.