Sonos Sound Bars And Playbase On Sale With Great Deals Up To $100 Off Now

The build-up to the Super Bowl is always a excuse to get yourself a new cutting-edge 4K TV to enjoy the big game on. A shiny new TV will bring you a big, beautiful picture to enjoy all the action, but if you want to see, hear and feel the thump, like a linebacker hammering a slot receiver, a new sound system for your TV is also something to consider. As we previously reported, Amazon has some good deals going for big TVs at under $500, and it just so happens AMZN has discounts on Sonos sound bars and the Sonos Playbase to up your audio game as well.

sonos beam

The Amazon Sonos Deals include:

One of the deals is for the all-new Sonos Beam compact smart TV soundbar. This device has integrated Amazon Alexa voice control and comes in black or white colors. Beam has full range woofers and tweeters on board, promising quality sound in the entire audio spectrum, along with a speech enhancement mode that lets you hear voices over other sounds in your favorite movies and TV series. In addition, a special night sound mode lets you watch TV while everyone else is sleeping, without waking them up. Amazon has the Sonos Beam for $349, a $50 discount off the normal $399 price with free Prime shipping. The Sonos Beam 3.1 set is also on sale for $948, a $150 discount off the regular $1,098 price.

sonos playbar

Sonos’ Playbar TV sound bar is on sale at Amazon for $599, a $100 discount off the normal $699 price. The Playbar has nine amplified speaker drivers inside and can play the audio from your TV and stream wireless music as well. Playbar can be paired with a pair of Sonos One speakers and a subwoofer to create a complete 5.1 surround sound system. One of the hallmarks of the Playbar is simple setup that Sonos says requires only two cords; one for the TV and one for power.

sonos playbase

The other Sonos product on sale is the Playbase for home theater and music streaming, and it’s offered in black or white colors. Playbase usually sells for $699, but Amazon is offering it on a $100 discount for $599. Playbase is designed to sit under your TV and works for TVs that are on stands or sit on furniture. It has a 10-speaker array that delivers immersive audio and can support TVs that weight up to 75 pounds. Like all other Sonos devices, the Playbase can also be used for wireless music streaming.