Solo Stove Just Released a Backyard Pizza Oven, and It’s Already on Sale

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When it comes to food, pizza is the ultimate equalizer. Whether you’re a struggling college student or a gourmand with a soft spot for Chicago-style slices, the opportunities to dress one up (or down) are virtually limitless. Now, Solo Stove—the maker of those hyper-popular smokeless fire pits you’ve probably seen advertised all over Instagram—is doing pizza lovers the world over a solid, courtesy of its latest product release.

In honor of Pi Day, the brand has released Pi, its first-ever standalone backyard pizza oven. And you can choose from two models—a wood burning-only option or one that runs on wood and propane—and save up to $295, depending on the one you select.

A Solo Stove Pi pizza oven on a tabletop surface.
The Solo Stove Pi pizza oven / Solo Stove

Designed with a panoramic opening so you can see the cheese on your ‘za getting nice and gooey in real-time, Solo Stove’s pizza oven taps the same signature airflow technology behind the brand’s bestselling camp stoves and fire pits, so you’ll get a smokeless cooking experience. The stainless steel unit, which is available starting at $425 on sale, has all-over ceramic insulation and a demi-dome construction. The rounded shape is supposed to help direct heat downwards instead of upwards. The end result is a mouthwatering pizza pie that’s been evenly heated in the same manner you’d expect from a traditional brick oven. It even comes with a cordierite pizza stone, which the brand claims can make a 12-inch pizza cook completely in just a couple of minutes.

This nifty pizza oven could be a hit the next time you host a backyard bash or an outdoor movie night. You can also shop bundle deals, including the Pi Starter bundle ($685), which includes a pizza cutter, IR thermometer, and more.

According to the brand, you’ll never see it go on sale for prices lower than these, so if you’re on the fence about whether or not to grab one, you might want to do so sooner rather than later (although keep in mind, it won’t ship until Monday, May 9). And if you really want to be the host or hostess with the most, consider picking up a fire pit for the spring season ahead—that is, if you haven’t already.