Soft Cell Team Up with Pet Shop Boys for New Single “Purple Zone”: Stream

Soft Cell have revealed *Happiness Not Included, their first studio album in nearly two decades, has been pushed back to May 6th. To tide fans over until then, the British pop duo have shared the new single “Purple Zone,” an ’80s dream-team collaboration with Pet Shop Boys.

“Purple Zone” blends the best of both Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys, layering a dazzling synth riff and dance floor-ready beat with anthemic vocals. The track laments feeling stuck in the monotony of everyday mundanities: “Let’s get out of this life/ I’m afraid and alone,” goes the chorus. “Paralyzed in the purple zone.”

The music video for “Purple Zone,” directed by Yassa Khan, centers around a cast of different people going about their conventional schedules: working at a restaurant, doing laundry, cutting hair. These people clearly want to quit their jobs, and the song might just make you want to do the same. Listen to “Purple Zone” below.

Though Soft Cell have been rather quiet over the past 20 years, Pet Shop Boys have kept themselves fairly busy recently: In 2021, they shared the single “Cricket wife,” and they’re about to go on tour with New Order later this year. Get tickets for that at Ticketmaster.