Slatin Plugin Closer for Ableton Live

Slatin Plugin Closer Ableton Live 10 11 plug-in close CPU spikes screen graphics glitches

Plugin Closer is a free application developed by Slatin which enables Ableton Live users to close multiple plug-ins within their session with an assignable hotkey.

The application has been developed in response to users experiencing various performance issues as their plug-in count increases. As Ableton Live’s built-in Hide Plug-In function places plug-ins behind the main window rather than closing them, some users have found that using the feature whilst working on larger sessions can lead to CPU spikes and graphic glitches.

As its name implies, Plugin Closer instead closes all plug-in windows entirely, in the same way as manually pressing the close button on each window. Users are able to configure the application to launch upon logging in to their machines, and then define a custom hotkey to close all open plug-in GUIs within their Live session. Slatin say that in addition to improved system performance, Plugin Closer also prevents GUIs from reappearing as a track is selected, aiding session management and providing easier access to the plug-ins users wish to display.


Plugin Closer is currently only available for Mac users, and requires macOS X 10.13 and above, and offers native support for Apple Silicon processors. It is compatible with Ableton Live 10 and 11.

Pricing & Availability

Plugin Closer is available now as a free download from the Slatin website.