Serena Williams is leaving tennis to become a full-time venture capitalist. Here are some of the investments she has already made, from a couples’ therapy startup to an NFT wallet.

  • Tennis champion Serena Williams said she is leaving the sport to pursue venture capital investing. 
  • Serena Ventures invests in a wide range of companies, from crypto ventures to a line of chickpea-based foods.
  • Check out some of the companies Williams’ has invested in. 

Legendary tennis star Serena Williams announced that she will be stepping back from tennis to focus on venture capital investing. 

In a Vogue essay explaining her decision, Williams said she was inspired to start Serena Ventures, her venture capital firm, after attending a J.P. Morgan Chase conference a few years ago and learning that less than 2% of all VC money went to women. 

“I kind of understood then and there that someone who looks like me needs to start writing the big checks. Sometimes like attracts like,” Williams wrote. 

According to Williams’ essay in Vogue, 78% of Serena Ventures’ portfolio comprises companies started by women and people of color. 

In March, the firm announced that it had raised $111 million of outside funding to power early-stage startups.

The firm says it brings Williams’ “champion mindset” to its investing decisions. Check out some of the dozens of companies Serena Ventures has already invested in.