SASAMI on Guitar-Playing Caterpillars, Dancing Grunions, and Seals Named May Jascis

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SASAMI sits down with Kyle Meredith for an interview about her adventures making the album Squeeze. Those adventures include becoming one with Earthly elements, shrinking herself to fit inside of an acoustic guitar to eventually cover System of a Down’s “Toxicity,” and inhabiting a river and capturing guitar playing caterpillars.

The indie rock artist — who was Consequence’s February Artist of the Month — also tells of dancing golden grunions, romantic relationships with seals named May Jascis, and being addicted to licking paint. She tells us all of this from the comfort of the “Sedona of energy fields.”

It’s one of the strangest Kyle Meredith With… interviews ever, so take a listen to SASAMI discuss Squeeze and more using the player above. You can also watch the full interview via the YouTube embed below.

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