SAP Concur vs CWT – 2022 Comparison

There are a lot of tasks to execute, manage, and track when you have employees traveling, especially internationally.

If you want to design and manage a corporate travel program that works it is essential to partner a comprehensive business travel management software option with your corporate travel strategy.  The hardest part is to find the travel management solution that best suits you.

The travel management company (TMC) options are many, and in this article, we will help you evaluate core features, main strengths, and user reviews of both SAP Concur solution and CWT, and we have included another option, TravelPerk, that is well worth looking into.

SAP Concur

SAP Concur is one of the oldest travel and expense management software companies today. SAP Concur offers a complete suite of products for corporate travel management, expense tracking, and invoicing.  The three core capabilities of this software are:

  • Concur Expense automates expense reporting, approval, and budgeting processes.
  • Concur Invoice offers visibility into travel spending and manages the account payable (AP) process.
  • Concur Travel simplifies business travel booking with an extensive network of suppliers.

SAP Concur core differentiators and strengths

SAP concur primarily caters to medium and large companies across different industries including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, non-profits, and finance. There is a range of product features that distinguish SAP Concur, such as:

  • Integrated travel and expense platform: combines business travel and expense management.
  • An integrated corporate travel system: consolidates travel data, enables employees to book and change reservations, and helps to meet the duty of care obligations. The Integration with TripIt Pro helps businesses with negotiated types of rates from suppliers with real-time alerts.
  • Automated expense management: offers a large inventory for every budget range to modify spending policies as per business needs, and capture receipts on the go.
  • Advanced finance auditing: uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to uncover fraudulent activities, analyze fund misuse trends, and cross-check expenses for faster reimbursement.
  • All-in-one event management: simplifies attendee registration, employee location tracking, and event spending to avoid overspending.
  • Automated AP management: enables vendor spending control through informed decisions with dashboards, and streamlines virtual payments with expanded integrations.
  • Three-way match: the tool analyzes and matches the purchase order, receipt, and invoice of every payment to identify discrepancies.
  • Consultative intelligence and analytics: gain actionable insights and alerts with dashboards and reporting capabilities to create a single source of truth for all stakeholders.
  • Quick integrations: connects data points to content from other business applications, including Xero, NetSuite, and Quickbooks for an easy approach to corporate travel management.

SAP Concur User Reviews Testimonials

What users like about SAP Concur

“SAP Concur both tools Expense and Travel do the job quite well. It manages the invoices very well. You can manage your expenses, I’ve never come to an expense where the category isn’t listed in SAP Concur, It also has a pretty decent system when it comes to SAP Travel. It manages all your itineraries & travel expenses quite well.” – Sikander A., SAP Concur review from G2

“What I like best about SAP Concur is that it is user friendly at the same time it can provide us assistance in managing different business travel and expenses which is very timely in our times of pandemic. SAP Concur also lets us simplify all tasks related to travel management, controlling costs, saving times and boosting productivity.” – Princess Nouf O., SAP Concur review from G2

What users dislike about SAP Concur

“When you log into the SAP Concur system it still shows that this software is quite outdated when it comes to design. I am a designer so I take this into consideration a lot. Also, it’s not so user-friendly. You have to do every obvious step by yourself, these days systems are quite intelligent but this one isn’t.” – Sikander A., SAP Concur review from G2

“What I dislike about SAP Concur is that their interface is a bit plain which is the reason why it is not standing out among its other competitor application which is more having the best GUI.” – Princess Nouf O., SAP Concur review from G2

Overall, SAP Concur users like the platform once they become familiar with it. It’s not an intuitive and easy-to-use solution but rather requires training and onboarding for the team.


CWT has been around for many years and operates across more than 150 countries and caters to companies of all sizes. They offer CWT clients an API-based corporate travel and expense management product that offers a simple flight booking, hotel reservation, and trip planning experience.

They focus on B2B4E, business to business for employees, and view the employee or customer experience as key.

CWT core differentiators and strengths

  • Hotel management and booking integration: offers a streamlined room reservation with hotel management and booking integration.
  • Inventory: global distribution system offers a choice between more than 800,000 properties worldwide.
  • Budget-friendly: features RoomIt with special prices for budget-friendly trips without compromising on convenience and comfort.
  • Consultants: allows for assistance from consultants to ensure the right travel arrangements on the myCWT mobile app.
  • Reporting and visualization: powerful capabilities to track your travel expenses with actionable insights for all your trips with its analytics and reporting tool, AnalytIQs.
  • Employee-wellbeing, Climate Impact, and Organizational Performance (ECO) framework:  align sustainability with your travel needs.
  • International SOS: offers extra support to corporate travelers from the LGBTQ+ community in partnership with International SOS.
  • Safety and security: dedicated resources to help travelers to be aware of pandemic-related travel news and other unexpected emergencies. You can easily locate any employee in an accident and trigger assistance efforts for their wellbeing.
  • Data security: a global cybersecurity team that helps your employees navigate data threats and security issues to ensure information confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

CWT User Reviews Testimonials

What users like about CWT

“Convenient travel booking processes were the main thing. Responsive staff if needing to call to change last-minute travel arrangements.” – Tracey-Lee C., CWT review from G2

“We have always been happy to take advantage of the booking for corporate travel (hotel, transport, and flight) of this company. The network is very well developed worldwide. The accounts are detailed and correct. We save a lot of time.” – Florian G., CWT review from G2

What users dislike about CWT

“When calling to book or change travel there was inconsistency in the level of personal service provided. Some Travel Consultants were extremely helpful and even knew me by name as they recognized my voice over the phone; whereas others could be a bit ‘short’. – Tracey-Lee C., CWT review from G2

“Not always provide the best price on the market for hotels, flights, etc. Service levels are very different in countries, poor in France, however good in Poland. They should have kept standards everywhere.”- Małgorzata N., CWT review from G2


If you are a company that enables their employees to book their trips themselves and want to use a travel system that makes business travel management more scalable and controlled, TravelPerk is worth looking into.

TravelPerk is the fastest-growing business travel company in the world and serves a global market.

Overall, TravelPerk comes out on top on multiple fronts. It finds better rates, solves problems more efficiently, and reduces the total cost of ownership for businesses. TravelPerk strives to provide a travel management platform and experience that makes business travel work for you by offering:

  • The biggest travel inventory in the travel industry: It includes a comprehensive source of hotel content, air travel, rail options, and car rentals in one place with unique offerings that include SouthWest Airlines, Amtrak, large hotel chains, and a lot more. The system also gives you access to great pricing options.
  • Freedom and Control: employees book for themselves freeing up your resources. Keeps you informed of your business travel costs with business features like built-in travel policies, approvals, and invoice management.
  • On-demand service: get assistance in 15 seconds with 7-star human customer support. One centralized point of contact via the app, website, and phone. Dedicated, experienced agents ready to help 24/7.
  • Concierge services: to request group bookings, Airbnb bookings, transfers, and tickets.
  • Free implementation and no fees: you only pay when you travel. No fixed fees, no cancellation penalties, and no implementation costs.
  • FlexiPerk: All trips are refundable with the FlexiPerk feature. If your plans change, you get your money back, no questions asked. This initiative delivers an upgraded booking level of comfort.
  • TravelCare: features a built-in travel risk management solution to provide information on safety and travel requirements with guidelines, and real-time updates. Provides visibility of where travelers on business trips are and what disruptions might affect their trip.
  • VAT solution: a comprehensive solution to identify and process all claimable VAT refunds for your trips in the EU so you can save up to 20% on your travel spend.
  • GreenPerk: helps you offset all your carbon emissions for more sustainable travel.
  • Duty of care solutions: ensure your traveling employees are fully covered and get in-depth trip reporting and travel alerts. Due to our integration with International SOS, you can manage evacuation and auxiliary services from a single portal.
  • Developer-friendly open-API platform: for seamless integration with the rest of your business tools and workflows, such as expense consolidations, or HR management platform. An open marketplace allows you to integrate with the other apps with one click for a phased roll-out.

TravelPerk is a corporate travel management partner that you’ll want to consider as their flexibility and adaptability are needed in this ever-changing world of work and drive toward digitization. Perhaps you should see how this option would best work for you. Click here for a free demo.

SAP Concur vs CWT vs TravelPerk: Side-by-side comparisons

SAP Concur CWT TravelPerk
Implementation cycle Long Long Short
Customer support Poor Poor Excellent
Pricing Expensive Expensive Budget-friendly
Travel inventory Poor Moderate Excellent
EU-readiness Moderate Excellent Excellent
User experience Moderate Moderate Excellent
Mobile experience Moderate Excellent Excellent
Governance and control Excellent Excellent Excellent
Reporting & analytics Good Excellent Excellent
Duty of Care Moderate Excellent Excellent
Traveler experience Moderate Poor Excellent
Rewards program Moderate Moderate Excellent
Integrations Moderate Moderate Excellent
Expense management Moderate Poor Excellent