Santigold “Both Sad and Proud” to Cancel 2022 “The Holified Tour”

Santigold has scratched her upcoming trek in support of her new album, Spirituals, saying in a social media statement,”I am both sad and proud to announce my decision to cancel ‘The Holified Tour.’

“For the past several years we have all been through immense challenges, some physical, some mental, some spiritual, some economic,” she explained. “As a touring musician, I don’t think anyone anticipated the new reality that awaited us.”

She wrote, “We were met with the height of inflation — gas, tour buses, hotels, flight costs skyrocketed — many of our tried-and-true venues unavailable due to a flooded market of artists trying to book shows in the same cities, and positive test results constantly halting schedules with devastating financial consequences.”

Santigold said, “In my case, I have tried and tried, looked at what it would take from every angle, and I simply don’t have it. I can’t make it work.” She added, “I’m actually going to elaborate on it more later because I think it’s important for people to know the truth of what it’s like out here for artists, and I don’t believe enough of us are talking about it publicly.”

Check out her full statement below. Santigold joins a growing list of artists who have announced tour dates only to later cancel. Just this month, Arlo Parks and Dead Can Dance pulled back for health reasons, while Anthrax cited “out of control” costs.