Samia Shares New Songs “Breathing Song” and “Honey”: Stream

Ahead of the imminent release of her upcoming sophomore albumSamia has shared a pair of new tracks, “Breathing Song” and “Honey.”

In a statement, Samia said it took her “a thousand” tries to write “Breathing Song” before a Zoom call helped her unlock it. “[I] played one of its iterations for Molly Sarlé on Zoom, and she was like, ‘You just told me a really powerful story before you played this, write it again and just tell the story,’ so I did,” Samia remembered. “I just said what happened, from my perspective.”

Samia added that “Honey” — the title track to her new album — takes place in the “same world” as “Breathing Song,” explaining, “It’s about always being drunk enough that you don’t have to look around. To me it’s the saddest song I’ve ever written, because it’s mocking my attempt to convince people I was good. Caleb Wright turned it into a campfire song, though, and I love that it can be interpreted as fun too.”

Below, you can stream “Breathing Song” and watch the video for “Honey,” directed by Samia’s longtime collaborator Jacq Justice.

Honey is out this Friday, January 27th. Previous singles include “Kill Her Freak Out,“Mad at Me,” and December’s “Pink Balloon” and “Sea Lions.” Pre-orders are ongoing.

In support of Honey, Samia is headed out on a North American headlining tour. Tickets are available now here.