Rolleiflex: The most beautiful camera ever made?

Most photographers know that the medium format Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex cameras are among the most iconic cameras ever made. They also served as trusty companions to a number of legendary photographers. But, is the Rolleiflex the most beautiful camera ever?

Photographer and cinematographer Casey Cavanaugh, who runs the GxAce YouTube channel, believes so. Over six decades since the Rolleiflex came out, he finds it to be a more usable camera than the Mamiya 7 or Pentax 67. More compact and relatively more lightweight than the two, he also noted that it’s a much better option for street photography in medium format film. Of course, he also outlined what specifically about its design makes it the most beautiful camera ever made.

On top of its classic design, Casey also reminds us that the Rolleiflex also takes beautiful 6×6 format photos, even by today’s standards. He demonstrates this with the help of Chinese photographer Xiaoxing Han and her wonderful documentary photography shot with a Rolleiflex.

Ultimately, it’s all a matter of personal choice and opinion. That said, do you agree that the Rolleiflex is the most beautiful camera ever? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or in our group discussions if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!