Ringo Starr Reveals New “EP3” Mini-Album

Ringo Starr wants to take your frowns and turn them outside down. The iconic drummer for The Beatles revealed this past weekend that his upcoming album, due out in September, has the best name since his 2012 EP Change The World.

In a press release for EP3, Starr explained, “I am in my studio writing and recording every chance I get. It’s what I have always done and will continue to do, and releasing EPs more frequently allows me to continue to be creative and give each song a little more love.”

Starr also promised the album will have “instantly-recognizable vocals, feel-good lyrics, and easy-breezy melodies.” Four brand new tracks will be included on the mini-album featuring longtime collaborators Bruce Sugar, Linda Perry, Dave Koz, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, and Steve Lukather.”

To celebrate the news of the release, Starr releases a music video for his joyful new song, “World Go Round.” The mid-tempo song is filled with lyrics aimed at bringing people together as we continue to drift further apart:

“We can try to rise above/ It only takes a little love/ Hey, hey/ We all make the world go ’round/ You’re not alone in this/ We all make the world go ’round.”

Since The Beatles broke up, Starr has released 20 solo albums, beginning in 1970 with Sentimental Journey. His most recent full-length endeavor was What’s My Name, which came out in 2019.

The always-busy 82-year-old has rarely taken a break from his career. The longest gap he has between albums was nine years. In 1983 he released Old Wave before a large gap leading to Time Takes Time in 1992.

Along with his legendary music career, Starr is also an accomplished author, having written three books, the most recent of which was Photograph in 2015.

Are you excited about new Ringo Starr music?