Revealing colorful geometric details in architecture

If you’re in need of a creative exercise for developing your eye for details, getting into architecture photography is one of your options. You can think of photographing architecture as hunting for art in the unlikeliest places and the most unexpected mix of things. Such is what I experience whenever I look at the works of photographers like Berlin-based Matthias Heiderich.

I think of architecture as a form of functional art with all these details just begging to be looked at, experienced and explored. Of course, these elements also often make great subjects for photographers, especially to those who enjoy sharing their unique way of seeing their surroundings. I am particularly drawn to colors and patterns in urban environments as well, and of course, urban environments are never short of them.

Catching attention with saccharine colors

Colors probably aren’t the first that come to mind when we speak of architecture. But in his ongoing “Summa” series, Matthias has been doing a great job of picking the best spots to grab our attention with colorful urban details.

I like how many of these show everyday locations and unassuming spots in cities like Warsaw, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, Krakow, Tokyo and of course, his hometown of Berlin.

Now on its fifth installment, “Summa” is a great example of how color can guide us to see familiar places differently and creatively. It may take some practice and a fair amount of time to search for these eye-catching spots. However, I think that it’s a creative exercise — like a color study — that we can incorporate into our daily schedule to keep our creative juices flowing.

Drawing the eyes through hypnotic geometry

In a good number of photos from each “Summa” installment, we also see Matthias play with the different textures, shapes and patterns scattered around the cities he was exploring.

The effect is interesting and artsy when paired with all the saccharine colors, and I think that’s part of the appeal o this approach. I like how the architecture series is also an homage of some sort to architectural styles like brutalism and modernism and their distinct geometric features.

Overall, I find Matthias’ approach to architectural photography to be an inspiring way to pay attention to the hidden or even accidental art that surrounds us.

We may not come across spots that are as colorful or geometric as the ones in this body of work, but I hope that we’ll all be motivated anyway to process what we find and present them in our own creative style. So, keep an eye out for artsy architectural details when you head out on your next photography practice!

Don’t forget to visit Matthias Heiderich’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his work.

All photos by Matthias Heiderich. Used with Creative Commons permission.