Rep. Jamie Raskin says Biden was ‘right to sound the alarm’ about MAGA Republicans calling them a ‘fascist political party’

  • Rep. Jamie Raskin said Biden was right to call out MAGA Republicans. 
  • Raskin referred to them as having the hallmarks of “a fascist political party.”
  • Biden on Thursday said MAGA Republicans were a threat to democracy. 

Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin said President Joe Biden was “right to sound the alarm” about MAGA Republicans and their threat to democracy. 

“Two of the hallmarks of a fascist political party are one, they don’t accept the results of elections that don’t go their way and two, they embrace political violence,” Raskin said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “And I think that’s why President Biden was right to sound the alarm this week about these continuing attacks on our constitutional order from the outside by Donald Trump and his movement.”

Raskin, a member of the House select committee investigating the Capitol insurrection, was discussing former President Donald Trump’s call to have the 2020 election rerun, or that he should be reinstated into office. 

The lawmaker said Trump’s call to rerun the election is “totally outside of the Constitution.”

“There is no procedure for the military just to seize the election machinery and run a new election, which is one of the things that his disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was pushing and we know was part of the January 6 plot,” Raskin said. 

During a primetime speech on Thursday, Biden warned of the dangers of extremism from MAGA Trump supporters.

“Democracy cannot survive when one side believes there are only two outcomes to an election: either they win or they were cheated. And that’s where MAGA Republicans are today,” Biden said. 

Biden said that while “not even a majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans” and “not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology,” the GOP today is “dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. And that is a threat to this country.”