Red Hot Chili Peppers Release New Song “Tippa My Tongue”: Stream

Red Hot Chili Peppers are gearing up to release Return of the Dream Canteentheir second album of the year, and they’ve just previewed the project with the song “Tippa My Tongue.” Check it out below.

With bassist Flea’s funked-out bass at the forefront, “Tippa My Tongue” throws back to RHCP’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik era, as Anthony Kiedis switches between sing-song and rapid-fire deliveries. “We’ve only just begun,” he sings. “Funky monks are on the run/ Gonna, gonna, gonna get you with the tip of my tongue.”

Drummer Chad Smith spoke about the track in an interview with Billboard, saying “There’s a lot of different things in there. To me it’s got a bunch of hooks in it. It’s got P-Funk in it. I hear George (Clinton in it), and some Hendrixy kind of licks. It’s a nice gumbo. I thought that would be a good first cone to come out from that (album). It sounds like us, but new.”

Stream Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new song “Tippa My Tongue” below.

Needless to say, 2022 has been eventful for the Chili Peppers. After reuniting with beloved on again-off again guitarist John Frusciante, they released Unlimited Love in April (and helped us ring in our digital cover story in the process). Now, their second album with Frusciante in 16 years, Return of the Dream Canteen, is out October 14th.

The band is also in the midst of a massive tour that continues into next year. Read our review of their kickoff show in Denver, then grab tickets of your own over at Ticketmaster.