“Real or not real” with Ken Lee

We welcome you to the Photofocus Roundtable podcast, where each month, our panel discusses some current trends and topics to get your photography moving. This month, Photofocus author Ken Lee joins your hosts Ron Pepper and Rob Moroto.

In this episode our panel talks about artificial intelligence emerging as an image creator. We touch on appearing ‘dangerous’ because of our photography gear, and then we get to ask Ken all about his light painting experience.

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About your hosts

Ron Pepper is a Bay Area photographer specializing in 360° panoramic images for businesses, destinations, homes, schools and more. He’s a LinkedIn Learning author, mentor and trainer. You can follow him on his website or Instagram.

Rob Moroto is a commercial photographer based in Vancouver Island. From homes to people to businesses, Rob loves showing a different perspective through his lens. He sees depth in every person and every object, no matter how plain they may seem. You can follow him on his website or at

Ken Lee is a night photographer exploring the Southwest and East Coast, creating surreal night photos of abandoned historical places, unique features, and beautiful landscapes. In addition to teaching workshops, his images have been featured in National Geographic Books, Omni Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Westways Magazine and more.