Rast Sound release Motif plug-in version

Rast Sound Motif plug-in version

Motif from Rast Sound is a music composition assistant, now available in a native plug-in format for your DAW. Previously a Kontakt-only plug-in, Motif helps to create unique, multi-part melodies and progressions based on probability algorithms to be used in your own musical projects.

Motif lets you select either a scale or an emotion for any key, and the plug-in then creates a unique melodic idea underpinned by a smart algorithm. The new version also comes with a scale editor, meaning you can customise the scale and select any non-conventional triad you desire.

Included is one main layer (centre) and two side layers (low-left and hi-right octaves). This means that Motif can simultaneously generate three distinct parts that sit nicely together. With time variation between step lengths, the lower and higher parts can move slower or faster than the main melody, giving an authentic and harmonically complex composition. All Motif’s layer generators are powered with cascade probability algorithms, with adjustment for how frequently each layer should play. Another new feature brings smart randomisation with knob control to create countless varieties of the root melody.

DAW integration is straightforward enough, with AU and VST3 formats available now and an AAX version coming in October 2022. Motif will play in sync with its host DAW, automatically locking to the project’s BPM. And once you are happy with the composition, simply drag and drop the idea onto your DAW’s MIDI channel to play a virtual instrument.


Motif is available now at an introductory price of €59, rising to €99 after 30 September.