Quick Tip: Use reflective glow tape on your tripod at night

When photographing at night, it’s easy to trip over the unseen legs of your tripod. Here’s an idea to save you some mishaps.

Glow tape

Fotopro E6L Tripod with glow tape on the bottom of the legs

Placing a little glow in the dark tape at the bottom of your tripod legs can save you a heap of trouble. Many tripods have black carbon fiber legs that absorb light, making them even harder to discern when out shooting star scapes and Milky Way images.

There’s nothing worse than to be over an hour into a shoot and kicking your tripod out of alignment. Or worse, knocking over your tripod, camera and lens.

Shot in the dark in the studio. Legs glow, minimizing the tripping hazard at night. If they lose their glow you can shine a flashlight on them for a little bit to recharge their glow.

I use the Duck Brand Glow tape with good results. There are other brands and types out there. You can use the link or check out your local hardware store.

Have a great, and safe, time while out photographing the night sky!

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob