Positive Grid announce Spark Mini

Positive Grid Spark Mini

Positive Grid have just released an even smaller version of their already compact Spark 40 practice amp. The Spark Mini is said to inherit all of the features of its bigger brother, and even includes some similar acoustic trickery to get as big a sound as possible out of its diminutive dimensions. So, remarkably for its size, it sports a stereo pair of speakers, plus a downward-firing passive radiator for an extended bass response.

Naturally given its shrunken-down size, it has slightly fewer physical controls than the original, but it hosts the same app-controllable DSP, so you can use a Bluetooth-connected computer, smartphone or tablet to access and adjust the full gamut of Positive Grid’s extensive amp and effect tone library. The amp can also act as a USB audio interface, allowing you to record your performances to the DAW of your choice.

New to the Spark Mini is a ‘Smart Jam’ mode, which apparently uses machine learning to auto-generate bass and drum backing tracks that change in real time according to the intensity of your playing.

The Spark Mini is available with either black or white Tolex covering, and with swappable gold or red speaker grille. It’ll be available to pre-order from March 2nd, and we’ll update this story with pricing as soon as it’s announced.